Posted by: acropley | March 26, 2009

Where Love Is Found

Over the next three weeks we will sing ‘Where Love Is Found’ during Communion in preparation for singing it during our Easter Celebrations.

Where charity and love are found,
there will the face of God be seen.
The love of Christ will bind our hearts;
as one body we will be.

Verse 1
Love is patient, love is kind, never boastful, never proud.
Love is hopeful in its waiting, ever trusting in God’s light

Verse 2
Love is steadfast to the end, ever ready to endure.
Love is gracious in its kindness, ever ready to forgive

Verse 3
Though I speak with angel’s tongue, I am nothing more
than sound.
I am but a cymbal clanging if I sing without God’s love

Verse 4

There are three things that will last: there is faith, hope and love.
But the greatest of all blessings is the faithfulness of love.


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