About The Parish

St Columba's Church Elwood

St Columba’s Church Elwood

Ninety years ago, the first Mass was celebrated at St Columba’s, and the Primary School first opened its doors.

St Columba's Primary School

St Columba’s Primary School

Sacred Heart Church was dedicated on 7 December 1884 and the final details completed in 1922.  Established by Fr Ernie Smith as a place of support and hope for the homeless, the Sacred Heart Mission was constituted as a separate legal entity in 1984.

Sacred Heart Church St Kilda West

Sacred Heart Church St Kilda West

In 2000, the Parishes of Elwood and St Kilda West began the partnership that has resulted in today’s combined Parish.   According to our recent census, we have at least 512 parishioners regularly attending Mass.





We acknowledge our heritage and thank those pioneers of our Parishes whose gifts and hard work have left us with the churches, school and Mission we have today.  Many of today’s Parishioners have seen much of this story unfold, and have played their own vital part in continuing it.

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